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Valentines Day Gift Ideas 

Valentines Day is thrust upon us once a year in a cloud of roses, candles and chocolates, where it can be incredibly difficult to find a gift that is romantic and thoughtful, but not too cheesy. If underwear is bought correctly, it can be a wonderful and intimate gift that shows just how well you know your partner.

We want to spread the love this year with an array of luxury valentine's gifts from Knicker Locker that will guarantee the hearts to flutter and the pulses to race. With sweet and sexy on the cards, check out our top valentine must haves from designer brands including Wacoal, B.Tempt'd and Jockey.


Romantic Gifts for Her

Lingerie as a valentine gift for her can be perfect as long as you get it right, that is! It's something only you're lucky enough to be able to gift her, which makes it pretty romantic...

Follow these simply tips when picking out your gift:

  • Make sure you double check her bra size and dress size, so you know exactly what size to buy. Check the laundry basket or lingerie drawer for her favourite bras and knickers.
  • Remember what bra and knicker style she likes, as well as what colours she wears a lot. It needs to appeal to her and not just to you.
  • You might get extra brownie points by adding in a suspender belt or hosiery with her gift, if she likes to wear them. Or maybe a Soak Wash for washing her lingerie.
  • If in doubt, opt for a bralette set which is sized small, medium, large, xl. 

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Gift Tips for Her

  • You don't need to spend a fortune on a Valentines gift. It's more about the sentiment and the thought that goes into the gift. A bunch of flowers can be expensive at £25. Why not try our Lace Kiss Bralette set for only £20. 


  • Make sure you choose a lingerie gift that your partner will like, not just something you would like to see her in. It has to appeal to her and the sort of style she likes, otherwise she won't wear it.


  • If she not a lingerie person, look at getting her a nightdress or robe. They are more conservative but still super sexy in many ways!


  • If you want to go all out on her lingerie gift, we suggest opting for a special gift wrap that includes a gifts box and personalised message to make her say "WOW!". 



Valentines on a Budget


Every woman loves a new pair of knickers, especially for Valentine's Day! Find out her favourite brand or knicker style and get her the same, but maybe in a new colour. Or opt for something sexier than she usually wears, as no one wants practical underwear on Valentines!


Check out our list of knickers that are sweet, sexy and won't break the bank:






Romantic Gifts for Him


It's sometimes impossible to get the perfect gift for him on Valentines Day. But whether you are just dating, newly engaged or married, underwear can be a great valentine gift for him. It's practical and fashionable, but still romantically intimate. 


Here are some easy tips to remember when buying him a gift:


  • Double check his underwear size. You might be surprised!
  • Even though there isn't many underwear styles to choose from, men still have a favourite. Make sure you know what it is.
  • Pick a print or design that will appeal to him because of a hobby. These Goldeneye boxer shorts are perfect for any guy who loves James Bond!
  • If in doubt, opt for a pair of cotton rich socks! Shop Now>> 







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