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FAQs for Maternity Bras


Can I wear my underwired bras through pregnancy?

Most bra fitters will recommend wearing a soft cup bra through pregnancy, however it is entirely your choice. You can wear an underwired bra as long as you continue to check the fit of it throughout the nine month period. You should be able to notice when your bra is not fitting correctly as your breast size changes. You want to avoid any wires digging into your breast tissue as it can cause great discomfort and affect your milk ducts if you breastfeed. You may find whilst wearing underwired bras that you will need to replace them more often as your cup and band size increase.



How will I know that my maternity bra still fits me through pregnancy?

Through pregnancy, the size and shape of your breasts and ribcage will change. Unfortunately, there is no how and when, as every woman is different. Whether you are wearing a soft cup bra or an underwired bra, the same basic principles apply when checking that your bra still fits. The underband should sit parallel to your front. Your breasts should be encased in the cups with no bulging at the front or sides. Make sure with an underwired bra that the wires sit flat against the ribcage and not touching any breast tissue. Take a look at our Bra Fitting Guide to check you always get the perfect fit.



I'm not comfortable in my maternity bras - they are rubbing on my bump.

As your ribcage expands you may find your bras rubbing against your bump. This generally happens when you wear underwired bras. You may want to consider wearing a soft cup bra for the duration of the pregnancy so there are no wires to rub against you. You may also want to check your bra is still fitting correctly; you may well have increased in your back or cup size. If you feel you have purchased the incorrect size we are more than happy to exchange or refund the bra providing it has not been worn and labels are intact.




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