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Drake & Hutch


Fun and fresh Cotton rich socks from Drake & Hutch are a must have for your sock drawer! These unisex socks are stylish, affordable and make the perfect gift for him or her.




Drake & Hutch was established by a group of designers in London. Their aim was to create men's underwear and socks that are affordable and  made with the same quality and attention to detail found in a men's bespoke suit. 

Their designs are created with modern fabrics and contemporary British design for men's socks and boxer shorts that are stylish, powerful and most of all comfortable. They collections are small and select so grab them while you have the chance. Discover Drake & Hutch at Knicker Locker


What are crew length socks?

Crew length socks are everyday socks that are short, thick and usually mid-calf length. They have a heel and a toe and normally ribbed at the top of the ankles. Find crew length socks from Drake & Hutch at Knicker Locker. Shop Now>>

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