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Shock Absorber


Shock Absorber is known for creating supportive sports bras and sportswear for women up to a H cup. Discover the latest sports bra shapes and colourful prints at Knicker Locker.




Shock Absorber is an award winning leading sports bra brand in the UK. They understand the importance of breast support during exercise and have made sure each of their styles give the best comfort and support. Every piece of sportswear and sports bra is made out of innovative, high quality fabric which is breathable, durable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This makes every garment function to the best of it's ability and will last longer.

Shock Absorber commission scientific research from the University of Portsmouth and they have been able to test each individual sports bra for particular activities. They offer high impact sports bras for activities such as tennis and aerobics and a running bra designed especially for running.

Shock Absorber believe a sports bra is an essential piece of activewear no matter the activity or bra size you wear. Your breasts should be supported throughout exercise to keep their natural shape looking great. Discover Shock Absorber at Knicker Locker


What is a high impact sports bra?

A high impact sports bra is designed with extremely firm fabrics to ensure maximum support around the bust and back. It usually has a high neckline and high sides to reduce breast movement. A high impact sports bra such as the Ultimate Fly Bra by Shock Absorber is recommended to all fuller bust women regardless of their physical activity to make sure they get the best support possible. Shop Sports Bras >>

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