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Cookie Policy

Knicker Locker uses automatic systems of data collection such as cookies. 

A cookie is a small piece of data that is used to store information on your computer's browser when you visit a website. We have put together a brief explanation of how this works below. 

Cookies are used to make websites work more efficiently and to provide us with relevant information, they are nothing to be afraid of and do not harm your computer. Cookies can be disabled or removed if required. 

We use cookies on our Website to keep track of what is in your basket and to remember the fitting information entered in the Bra Fit Advisor

Technical or Browsing Cookies

Allow our Website to function correctly and are a necessary requirement. They will allow you to create an account, log in and manage orders. If you are a registered user, this will allow our Website to recognise you when you access They will additionally recognise you when you make a purchase through an affiliated or partner site so that we can fulfil any obligations we may have to those partner sites.

Functional Cookies

Allow our Website to recognise you. If you have added items to your basket and close the page without completing your purchase, but have not removed the items from your basket, these cookies will enable you to carry on shopping with the same basket the next time you visit. They will also allow our third party provider to sen basket abandon emails to you. 

These cookies are not essential but they do improve your browsing experience. 

Analytical Cookies

Allow Google Analytics to carry out statistical analysis of how users of our Website conduct their use through their computers or through mobile applications. They will track the pages visited, the length of time spent on each page and the number of clicks made on each page. We will use this information to improve the functionality of our website in the future. 

Third Party Cookies

Allow reputable third party companies to show you adverts on other affiliate websites featuring products tailored to your requirements. This type of cookie will not normally process any personal data but it may create a connection with your computer or other device by tracking information stored in it. These cookies are then connected to the browser installed on your computer or other device used during the navigation of our Website.

How do i disable Cookies? 

Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies, but you can select to disable them through the settings within your browser. Each browser will have different protocols and you will have to refer to their individual settings. Please note, that by disabling cookies you may well prevent our Website from functioning correctly and it may not allow you to fully and effectively engage with our services. 

We are giving you this information as part of our initiative to comply with recent legislation, and to make sure we are honest and clear about your privacy when using our Website. We know you'd expect nothing less from us!

Please note we are working on a number of other privacy and cookie related improvements to the Website on a constant basis. 

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